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PEAK TITLE is a full service title insurance agency licensed in Michigan and Florida. From start to finish, our focus is on the individual experience. We are an agency founded by experiences professionals in the industry. It is our belief that we are positioned to deliver an experience like no other to our clients – and in turn, to yours. Hence, the mission statement and cornerstone of our agency is based on four basic concepts: Professional, Expectation, Accountable and Knowledge – PEAK! Simply put, at PEAK TITLE, our clients are NOT a “deal” or “transaction”; they are a part of our TEAM.

At PEAK TITLE, not only do we educate, we communicate! Since the world of Real Estate is a complex realm of ebb-and-flow and no two real estate transactions are exactly the same, Peak’s focus is on education and communication! By educating our clients on market changes, security protection, fraud prevention and many other quintessential real estate matters; our clients are better equipped to provide an excellent closing experience to builders, lenders, buyers and sellers. In addition to education, our other core belief is Communication. Whether it is through a phone call, text messaging, online ordering, phone app, email, facsimile or social media, PEAK TITLE is always in constant communication with all parties involved- from the initial order to the closing and final disbursement —–This is the key to our success! Our team of experienced, dedicated, and accountable individuals stand ready to make sure every transaction is efficient and expeditious. Lastly, PEAK TITLE believes it is our responsibility not our obligation, to assist you! Our extreme level of professionalism ensures you, your clients and all parties involved will be prepared, making your closing experience like no other.


As a Lender, we understand you need a title company that is fully compliant and certified so that you’re interest is protected from our lender’s policy. Working with Peak Title, we insure that our Notaries and Closers are trained and comply to these standards.  Your documents will be fully executed to insure a timely closing and package returned within the time frame allowed.

Our Commitment and Mission:

  • Flexible scheduling time
  • Quick turn-time and accurate title commitments
  • Communication throughout the process
  • We close no matter when and where your client(s) is available
  • Easy online order and quotes for all buyer’s side and seller’s side transaction

Let Peak Title work for you for all of your Refinance and Purchase transaction.

Buyers & Sellers

When a piece of real estate is financed, purchased or sold, a record of that is generally filed in the public record at the respective county. Other events that may affect the ownership of a property are also documented and filed. These may include liens, levies, encumbrances and etc. When a buyer purchases title insurance, the company searches these records to find ( and remedy, if possible ) issues that may affect the purchaser’s ownership.

Our Commitment and Mission:

  • Smooth and Cost Efficient closings
  • Start-to-Finish Assistance
  • Peak is your title representative
  • Peak honors your right to choose

Choose Peak Title for your next purchase, sale or refinance!

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